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Sellotape dispenser | Asty

Fidia, since 1995, is making tape application systems. Now, to be in line with the market needs, we welcome our newest Asty sellotape dispenser. We can mount the sellotape dispenser on all Fidia’s machines like the Ortigia for ecommerce packaging, Borea taping machines, Tosca envelope machine and the Shopping bag line. We can install it also on third party folder-gluer lines like Bobst or Vega.

Surely, to apply a scotch tape on top of a surface is now an easy operation thanks to our new sellotape dispenser Asty. We racommend to use this kind of tape in the packaging industry, an easy way to reinforce paper or cardboard.

sellotape dispenser-asty-automation
Our Sellotape dispenser, image taken by our YouTube channel

Why you need this sellotape dispenser in your company?

The main application of sellotape is on top of envelopes to reinforce the closing flap. Or, also, as support for an easy opening system and on e-commerce box to reinforce the handles (very popular). But. as well, for shopping bags, e-commerce envelopes and much more.

The Asty is extremely easy to fix on a conventional folder-gluer. It can simply be installed on a metal bar above the conveyor belt. The electrical signal to control our tape applicator can be taken from a free channel of an existing gluing system in the folder-gluer machine. If there is no free channel available or you wish to run the Asty independent of your gluing system can buy the control system, directly from Fidia Macchine Grafiche.

Scotch or sellotape dispenser | Asty |
Our Sellotape dispenser at work

Main features of Asty scotch tape dispenser:

  • tape width from 4 to 25 mm
  • possibility to work with a roll (generally, up to 1000 meters)

Other Fidia’s tape applicators heads are:

  • Speedy to apply double sided tape
  • Speedy to apply tear tape
  • Mistral to apply silicon tape
  • Altor Verticale to unwind big spools of tape (surely, very useful for double sided tape, tear tape and silicon tape)

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