Shopping bag square bottom forming unit | Navona Base


This machine is a special machine to open and form the shopping bag square bottom (patented system®), insert the reinforcing carton, than close the square bottom.

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With the Navona Base we can make:

  • the opening and forming of the shopping bag square bottom
  • the inserting of reinforcing carton and closing of the side flaps

How it works

Working process:

1. Shopping bag tube feeding
2. Breaking of first front tube flap grain
3. Breaking of second front tube flap grain
4. Opening and forming of the shopping bag square bottom (patented system®)
5. Insertion of the reinforcing carton into the shopping bag tube opened bottom
6.Plough folding of side flaps


Main technical data

  • Maximum tube format: 500 x 540 mm (with maximum gussets 7+7 cm)
  • Minimum tube format: 170 x 225 mm (with minimum gussets 3+3 cm)
  • Feeder loading capacity: 200 mm

Reinforcing cardboard:

  • Grammage: from 200 to 500 gr

Machine composed of:

  • Tube feeder with directional and launching system of the tube bag
  • Square bottom opening and forming station (patented system) with inserter to position the reinforcing carton
  • Plough folding unit to close the square bottom side flaps
  • Delivery table


Large shopping bag square bottom closing | Navona Base
Shopping bag square bottom closing | Navona Base
Open and Form the Shopping Bag Square Bottom Navona Basic B/06