Shopping bag reinforcing handles inserting unit | Vampa Base

Fidia Macchine Grafiche, pushed from his customers, years ago, started to produce automatic shopping bag lines. Fidia, therefore, put on the market an automatic machine called the Shopping Bag machine. This Vampa Base is a special inserting unit to apply the two reinforcing cartons on the shopping bag handles.

Our machines are suitable for short, medium and long run works. We can make office envelopes, courier envelopes, as well as central seam envelopes and envelopes with capacity.

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How it works

shopping bag reinforcing handle unit


Main technical data

  • Maximum open format: 70 x 120 cm
  • Minimum open format: 14 x 25 cm
  • Paper weight: from 150 to 250 gr

Reinforcing cartons:

  • Width: from 35 to 120 mm
  • Length: from 80 to 350 mm
  • Thickness: max 4 mm, min 0.3 mm
  • Grammage: from 200 to 500 gr

Machine composed of:

  • Flat pile feeder
  • Talia Inserter to position the two reinforcing cartons on the shopping bag handles
  • Gluing system with independent applicator
  • Delivery table


Vampa Base | Inserting of 4 reinforcing cardboards to shopping bags
Shopping Bag Reinforcing Handles Inserting Unit Vampa Base B/05