Tape Applicators

Fidia Macchine Grafiche has been developing innovative tape applicators and taping machines for various applications.
Our tape applicators are engineered to handle a wide range of tapes, including double-sided tape, silicone tape, and tear tape, providing reliable and efficient solutions for your business needs.
Whether you need a standalone tape applicator or a complete machine customized for your specific requirements, we have the expertise and technology to deliver.

Types of Tape Applicators

Double-Sided Tape Applicators

Our double-sided tape applicators are designed for precision and efficiency, ensuring a strong bond for your projects. These applicators are ideal for various applications, from packaging to industrial uses, providing a reliable solution for your taping needs.

Silicone Tape Applicators

Silicone tape applicators from Fidia Macchine Grafiche offer reliable performance for various industrial applications. These applicators are perfect for tasks requiring high-temperature resistance and durability, making them a versatile choice for many industries.

Tear Tape Applicators

Our tear tape applicators, also known as rippa tape applicators, provide easy-to-use solutions for packaging and other needs. These applicators ensure a clean and precise application, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your packaging processes.

We can provide the tape applicators for use with our machines or to be installed on machines from other manufacturers. You can also get complete machines, tweaked and perfected for your specific requirements. For more information, visit our Contact Us page or check out our YouTube channel. For more information you may use the Contact Us page to get in touch with us or visit our YouTube channel.

You can see videos of our applicators in action at the following links:  double sided tape applicatorssilicone tape applicatorstear tape applicators. Explore our range of applicators, taping machines, and more below.

Ready to enhance your productivity with our advanced tape applicators? Contact Us today or visit our YouTube channel to see our machines in action!


Double Sided Tape | Speedy

double sided tape applicator

Speedy double sided tape applicator, designed to apply double sided tape automatically, with our machines or other manufactures machines.

Silicone Tape | Mistral

silicone tape applicator

The Mistral applicator is a superior product, developed to apply silicon tape on top of pressure sensitive adhesive in the large production of envelopes.

Tear Tape | Speedy TT

tear tape applicator

Speedy TT is designed to apply the tear tape on complex items such as courier envelopes, easy opening system for washing powder and many other similar products.

Tape Unwinders

Tear Tape Unwinder | Altor Verticale

The Altor Verticale is a tape unwinding system through which together with the “Speedy” applicator it is possible to feed and apply tear tape.

Double Sided Tape Unwinder

The Altor Verticale is a tape unwinding system through which together with the “Speedy” applicator can be used to unwind and apply double sided tape.

Silicone Tape Unwinder | Altor Verticale

The Altor Verticale is a tape unwinding system through which together with the “Mistral” applicator can be used to unwind and apply silicone tape.

Taping Machines

Taping Machine with Friction Feeder |Babila FF

Taping machine feeder

The Babila FF is the ideal solution to apply double-sided, silicone and tear tape, on top of paper and cardboard.
Thanks to its continuous friction feeder, it is an optimal solution for medium and large quantities. Paper weight of 200 grams and higher.

Manual taping machine | Ortigia Manuale

manual taping machine

The Ortigia Manuale is a manual taping machine for the application of double sided tape, tear tape or silicone tape to large corrugated cardboard or other e-commerce products.

Semi Automatic Taping Machine | Borea MF 

semi automatic taping machine

The Borea MF is a semi automatic machine ideal for small and medium quantities. For larger quantities, you can take a look our fully automatic taping machines.