Tape applicators

Tape applicators

Fidia Macchine Grafiche has been developing tape applicators and taping machines for variety of different work and tapes, such as:

  • Double sided tape
  • Silicon tape
  • Tear tape or rippa tape

We can provide the tape applicators for themselves with our machines or to be installed on machines from other manufacturers. You can also get complete machines for tweaked and perfected for your work from us for all kinds of tape application, for more information you may use the Contact Us page to get in touch with us or visit our YouTube channel.

You can see videos of our applicators in action at the following links: double sided tape applicatorssilicone tape applicatorstear tape applicators. You can find our applicators, taping machines and more information about them individually below:


Double sided tape | Speedy

double sided tape applicator

Speedy double sided tape applicator, designed to apply double sided tape automatically, with our machines or other manufactures machines.

Silicon tape | Mistral

silicone tape applicator

The Mistral silicon tape applicator is a superior product, developed to apply silicon tape on top of pressure sensitive adhesive in the large production of envelopes.

Tear tape | Speedy

tear tape applicator

Speedy is designed to apply the tear tape or rippa tape on complex items such as courier envelopes, easy opening system for washing powder and many other similar products.

Taping Machines

Taping machine with friction feeder | Borea

The Borea is the ideal solution to apply double-sided, silicone and tear tape, on top of paper and cardboard.
Thanks to its continuous friction feeder, it is an optimal solution for medium and large quantities. Paper weight of 200 grams and higher.

Taping machine | Borea FPF

The Borea FPF machine has been designed for the automatic application of double-sided adhesive tape in a wide range of P.O.S. (points of sale) items, such as posters, envelopes, shop windows, etc. Paper weight of 120 grams and higher.

Semi automatic taping machine | Borea MF 

semi automatic taping machine

The Borea MF is a semi automatic machine ideal for small and medium quantities. For larger quantities, you can take a look our fully automatic taping machines.

Tape Unwinders

Tear tape unwinder | Altor Verticale

The Altor Verticale is a tape unwinding system through which together with the Speedy applicator it is possible to feed and apply tear tape.

Double sided tape unwinder | Altor Verticale

The Altor Verticale is a tape unwinding system through which together with the Speedy applicator can be used to unwind and apply double sided tape.

Silicone tape unwinder | Altor Verticale

Double Sided Sticky Tape

The Altor Verticale is a tape unwinding system through which together with the Mistral applicator can be used to unwind and apply silicone tape.

Other Fidia machines

The Tosca envelope maker machine is the latest solution to join Fidia’s envelope machines line.

The Tosca is a machine able of producing quality envelopes at high work rates, starting from a blank sheet already cut and creased.


The Rialto envelope making machine is a light envelope making (70g – 120g paper), folding and gluing machine, is designed to produce office envelopes previously die cut or ram punched. One operator feeds the machine and also packs the finished products.

book cover machine

The Vampa-Trevi shopping bag tube making machine starts from a blank sheet. Than, it can crease, insert the reinforcing cartons on the handles, fold the handles, make the gussets of the shopping bag body, glue and close the tube.

book cover machine

This machine starts from the shopping bag tube, than it opens and forms the square bottom (patented system), inserts the reinforcing carton on the bottom, folds and glues the bottom, and finally makes the holes on the handles.

book cover machine
Ecommerce Packaging | Ortigia

Machine for applying tear tape and double sided tape on any kind of large format corrugated boxes also known as e-Commerce packaging.

The machine is equipped with our double sided applicator Speedy, our Altor Verticale tear tape unwinding system and a customized large format feeder.

Ecommerce packaging machine
Ortigia machine
Ecommerce packaging

The Babila is a brand new machine from Fidia which is aimed at the packaging industry for the folding and gluing of boxes.
The machine consists of a friction feeder, two working tables and a delivery table. And it is ready for mounting of a wide range of tape applicators, label applicators and inserter machines like the Talia

book cover machine

With the CombiUnica folder gluer line you can fold and glue any heavy duty envelopes i.e. courier envelopes, medical files, photograph holders and so on, including any envelopes presentation folders and CD holders with capacity. Our CombiUnica Line is comprising of five (5) main machines.

book cover machine
Automatic creasing machine | Capri

The Capri creasing machine is fully automatic suitable for a variety of different jobs and quantities, thanks to its easy set up time and good productivity through a vacuum feeder with rotary drum.

This machine can perform multiple creasing in one pass, with a help of its letterpress creasing device, to assure a great quality, as well as to its register table integrated in the feeder.

capri creasing machine
flexible book covers

The Talia is an innovative inserter unit for application of many kind of items on upper surface of the end product (shopping bags, envelopes, presentation folders, etc.).

By adding the Talia to a machine it automatically becomes an inserting machine for a number of different things.

capri creasing machine

The Desta creasing, folding and gluing machine has been designed for scoring recto verso. It can and work with many kinds of paper.
Thanks to its unique letterpress double scoring head, creasing the flaps and the spine of the book covers in recto, while the courtesy scoring it is done in verso.

creasing book flaps
flexible book covers

The Cordo Garda creasing, folding and gluing machine is robust, sturdy and perfect for the shops demanding high quality and longevity of their machines. The ease of set up and running has made this a standard in bookbinding companies that produce book covers with flaps or magazine covers with flaps or flexible book covers.

book cover machine
book covers automatic
Creasing folding and gluing machine | Tellus

Tellus is an easy and quick changeover machine, designed to produce Flexible “Dutch” book covers, in one pass, starting from a rectangular sheets. The machine has a continuous friction feeder, then with its mitering system cuts the 4 corners of the book cover,


Eletta is a fore edge trimming machine for books and magazines with lateral flap book covers. The Eletta is generally positioned inline on the perfect binding line, before the three knife trimmer. The book covers are opened horizontally with suction cups. The book is registered at the stop clamp position and trimmed using an oblique scissor movement.

book cover machine

For the application of double sided tape on a wide range of P.O.S. (Point Of Sale) items, such as posters, envelopes, shop displays and so on. The friction feeder is very useful or sometimes indispensable, when working with irregular shapes (e.g. boxes) or a second passage on a product is required, or a small format. Also when continuous running is more effective.

taping machine friction feeder

The Borea taping machine is designed for fully automatic application of double sided tape on a wide range of P.O.S. (Point Of Sale) items, such as posters, envelopes, shop displays and so on.

tape application machine

This is a semi automatic taping machine machine which can apply tape on any surface. This machine is a perfect solution for all companies that make smaller quantities. For bigger quantities you may check our automatic taping machine machine.

taping machine
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