Double sided tape applicator | Speedy

Speedy the double sided tape applicator, designed to apply double sided tape automatically, with our machines or other manufactures machines. Our tape applicator has been developed to apply the double sided tape automatically. The Speedy can be placed in a number of different positions on several Fidia machines, as well as other manufacturers’ machines.

The Speedy is very useful for the production of envelopes with strips, applying the double sided tape on the back of shop window posters P.O.S. (Point Of Sale)  and to assist hand make-up of  capacity pocket wallets.

Why the Speedy applicator shouldn’t be missing in your company?

Fidiagraf, to show its products to customers, participates in trade fairs in the graphics sector. Next year we will present our double-sided adhesive tape application machines at DRUPA in Germany. In particular, on that occasion, we will show our machine for apply double-sided tape Speedy as a tear tape applicator.

Undoubtedly, more and more customers in the world of print finishing need machines that apply double sided tape to their packaging. Today it is essential to be able to do this work, to make the finished product rich and attractive to customers. The main tape application is made on the top flap closure of envelopes or, likewise on the back of posters. But also on shopping bags, envelopes or e-commerce boxes.

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Possible Jobs

double sided tape applicator
Posters of different kind
Possible jobs BOREA Envelopes with tape
Courier envelopes and special envelopes: 
Possible jobs BOREA Prmotional items
Stripes, promotional items, and so on:


Main technical data

  • Maximum tape width: 25 mm
  • Minimum tape width: 6 mm
  • Min. application length: 30 mm
  • Minimum distance of the tape application from the sheet edge: 5 mm
  • Working output: 200 pieces/min, depending on format, kind of paper and length of tape applications.
  • Minimum distance between in line tape applications: 30 mm
  • Minimum distance between parallel tape applications in case of 2 or more applicators 120 mm


Double sided tape application | Speedy
Double Sided Tape Applicator A/07 | Speedy (Made in Italy)
Double Sided Tape Applicator with 2 Applicators (Made in Italy) A/05
Application of double sided tape on Victoriam A/14
Double sided tape application and plough folding with Borea SPE friction fed machine A/01
Speedy - Fast application of double sided tape and tear tape A/21