Shopping bag tube making machine | Vampa-Trevi

The Vampa-Trevi shopping bag tube making machine starts from a blank sheet. Than, it can crease, insert the reinforcing cartons on the handles, fold the handles, make the gussets of the shopping bag body, glue and close the tube. Here, a demonstration video.

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Scheme of the working process of the Vampa – Trevi

Possible Jobs

From a blank sheet to the shopping bag tube:

 Technical details for Shopper’s formats:
  • Paper weight from 150 ÷ 250 gr/m²
shopper bags


Main technical data

  • Maximum open format: 115,0 x 62,5 cm
  • Minimum open format: 48 x 35 cm
  • Paper weight: from 150 to 250 gr

Reinforcing cartons:

  • Width: from 35 to 120 mm
  • Length: from 80 to 350 mm
  • Thickness: maximum 4 mm, minimum 0.3 mm
  • Grammage: from 200 to 500 gr

Machine composed of:

  • Flat pile feeder
  • Talia Inserter to position the two reinforcing cartons on the shopping bag handles
  • Cross unit to close the tube and make the gussets
  • Two gluing systems with independent applicators
  • Creasing system with three large diameter couples of rollers
  • Delivery table


Shopping bag machine | Vampa Trevi
Vampa Trevi Shopping bag smaller format B/13