Folding and Gluing of Boxes | Babila

Folding and Gluing-machine

The Babila is a brand new machine from Fidia which is aimed at the packaging industry for the folding and gluing of boxes. The machine consists of a friction feeder, two working tables and a delivery table. And it is ready for mounting of a wide range of tape applicators, label applicators and inserter machines like the Talia.

Our machines are suitable for short, medium and long run works. We can make office envelopes, courier envelopes, as well as central seam envelopes and envelopes with capacity.

For any further information or inquiries please contact us or visit our YouTube channel.

Possible Jobs

  • In-line gluing of boxes
    • Folding and Gluing-details                     Folding and Gluing-details2                             
  • Folding & gluing of with crash lock bottom
  • Application of adhesive tapes (optional)
  • Closing and gluing of shopping bag bottoms (optional)
  • Pick & place and insertion of: card, samples, etc. (optional)
  • Folding and gluing of works which can be carried out with the tipper plate (optional)
  • On request such as: cold gluing, Inkjet, barcode reader, etc


  • Feeder loading capacity: 200 mm
  • Maximum size: 720 x 700 mm (open format)
  • format : 150 x 100 mm (open format)
  • Paper weight: from 180 to 450 gr
  • Mechanical speed: 120 mt /min
  • Electrical connection: 380/415 V Trif. + Neutral + T 50 Hz
  • Connection power: 8.0 Kw
  • Compressed air: 6 BAR with ½ inch connection


Folding and gluing of boxes D/52 | Babila CL
Babila CL | Folding and gluing of Pizza holders
Box in-line gluing #1 - Babila CL D/67
Folding and gluing of crash lock bottom boxes | Babila CL D/62
Folding and gluing of Crash lock bottom boxes #1 | Babila CL D/63
Folding and Gluing of Soap Boxes | Babila CL D/64
Box inline gluing #3 - Babila CL D/65
Box in-line gluing #2 - Babila CL D/66