Creasing Machine | Capri


This is our smallest and best selling creasing machine. The Capri creasing machine is fully automatic suitable for a variety of different jobs and quantities, thanks to its easy set up time and good productivity through a vacuum feeder with rotary drum.

This machine can perform multiple creasing in one pass, with a help of its letterpress creasing device, to assure a great quality, as well as to its register table integrated in the feeder. The standard machine is supplied with a rotary perforation device.

The colour touch screen, simplify the operator’s work in the set up for a new job, in plus the operator can record up to 10 different frequent jobs, such as:

  • 4/6/8 page brochures
  • gate folding
  • book covers with flaps and so on

For all information, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our YouTube channel.

Possible Jobs

With CAPRI we can make the creasing of book cover with flaps:

Possible jobs CAPRI book covers-creasing machine

Letter press creasing detail

cordonatura-creasing machine

Creasing of 4/6/8 pages brochures and gate folding

gate folding and brochures

Creasing of book cover with flaps

book covers with flaps


Main technical data

  • Wheeled, independent and stand-alone machine.
  • Automatic continuous vacuum feeder with up loading
  • Introduction format: Max 500 x 1000 mm
    Min 105 x 150 mm
  • Paper weight : from 70 to 400 grams
  • Led lit coloured touch screen control panel
  • Automatic vacuum feeder through a rotary drum
  • Possibility of one or more hits on the same creasing point
  • Blower pump
  • Vacuum pump


Creasing Machine | Capri D/61