Fore edge trimming machine | Eletta

Eletta is a fore edge trimming machine for books and magazines with lateral flap book covers. The Eletta is generally positioned inline on the perfect binding line, before the three knife trimmer. The book covers are opened horizontally with suction cups. The book is registered at the stop clamp position and trimmed using an oblique scissor movement.

Due to the simplicity of the Eletta machine a wide variety of books can be undertaken, such as: stitched and perfect bound books, magazines, etc. Very important, the machine can work as a standalone machine as well as in-line with the perfect binding.

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Possible Jobs

Working process:

  1. Book entering in Eletta
  2. Book covers opened using suction cups
  3. Book registering
  4. The machine registers the book so that the fore edge is cut perfectly square with the book cover
  5. Book exit with fore edge trimmed
Fore edge trimming machine-1


Main technical data:

  • Maximum book format: 320 x 445 mm.
  • Minimum book format: 105 x 150 mm.

Machine composed of:

  • Register table with rollers
  • Register table adjustment by eccentric unit support
  • Double suction valves device, for book cover opening (top and bottom) including the possibility to select the opening of top or bottom flap or both of them or none of them
  • Cover openings for books with flaps from 5 to 32,5 cm
  • Plough system in order to keep flaps opened
  • Motorised top and bottom belts, for book guiding to cutting position, without damaging the cover
  • Book register device so that the fore edge is trimmed perfectly square against the book cover
  • Book block pressing before trimming
  • Oblique cutting knife against a register bar
  • Electronic photocell device for cover opening detection
  • Exit belts recovery, for reject of books not cut properly
  • PLC with touch-screen keyboard
  • Automatic centralized lubrication system, having 3 Kg capacity tank