Tape application machine | Borea FPF

The Borea tape application machine has been designed for the automatic application of double sided tape on a wide range of  P.O.S. (Point Of Sale) items, such as posters, envelopes, shop displays and so on. The Borea machine can be supplied with a flat pile feeder or a continuous friction feeder.

The friction feeder is very useful or sometimes indispensable, when working with irregular shapes or a second passage on a product is required, or a small format. Also when continuous running is more effective.

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Possible Jobs

  • Posters of different kind:
Possible jobs BOREA POSTERS
  • Courier envelopes and special envelopes: 
Possible jobs BOREA Envelopes with tape
  • Stripes, promotional items, and so on:
Possible jobs BOREA Prmotional items


Technical specifications:

  • Format max open: 760 x 1000 mm
  • Format min open: 140 x 240 mm
  • Paper weight: from 100 to 500 gr
  • Rising pile table
  • Register table located before the double side tape head applicators.


Posters with Double Sided Tape Application Borea A/08

Friction Feeder A/16 | Borea

Double sided tape application with Borea MF manual fed machine A/02

Double sided tape application and plough folding with Borea SPE friction fed machine A/01