Creasing folding and gluing machine | Tellus

This is one of our creasing folding and gluing machine. Tellus is an easy and quick changeover machine, designed to produce flexible “Dutch” book covers, in one pass, starting from a rectangular sheets. The machine feeding is by a continuous friction feeder, then very important the machine has got a mitering system, it means it cuts the 4 corners of the book cover, then it makes all the lateral folding and gluing and the book cover is made automatically one pass.

Tellus adapts perfectly to customers’ needs, like all the other Fidia Macchine Grafiche machines. For further inquires or questions you may use the Contact Us or visit our YouTube channel. We look forward to hear from you.

creasing folding and gluing machine-tellus

Possible Jobs

On standard machine you may produce some following items:

Tellus, Corner mitreing, creasing, folding and gluing machine


Main technical data:

  • Max Format: 600 x 700 mm
  • Min Format: 120 x 220 mm
  • Paper weight: da 200 a 400 gr

Main technical data of Corner mitreing section:

  • Maximum mitreing open sizes: 600 x 540 mm
  • Minimum mitreing open sizes: 120 x 220 mm

Machine composed of:

  • Continuous top loading friction feeder
  • Corner mitring system (all four corners)
  • Plough folding unit
  • Hot melt gluing system
  • Delivery table


TELLUS Corner mitreing, creasing, folding and gluing machine (Made in Italy)