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folding and gluing machine-desta

Folding and gluing machine with double letter press creasing heads, recto verso | Desta

The Desta machine produces letter press creasing using the identical blade and matrix tooling as the die cutting machine. The paper stops in perfect registration and the a creasing knife hits into the paper against a matrix which allows the depth and width of the crease.

The Desta creasing, folding & gluing, machine has been designed to scoring recto verso, and working with many kind of paper and board stocks in short or long grain direction and generally speaking any difficult stock.

The Desta thanks to its unique letterpress double scoring head, creasing the flaps and the spine of the book covers in recto, while the courtesy scoring it is done in verso. Further, where difficult papers crack at the folding point, the Desta creases and folds in-line, avoiding or reducing problem.

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Some of the work made with the DESTA machine are:

  • Book covers with flaps
  • 3 panel covers for stitching machines
  • Covers for spiral binding
  • Covers for magazines
  • Colour samples holders
  • Office files
  • Advertising calendars
  • Greeting cards
  • Maps
  • Brochures with 2, 3, and 4 panels
  • Gate folding
  • Digitally printed work where “creasing “ is a problem
  • Zigzag creasing and folding