Fidia Macchine Grafiche 2nd Hand Machines

Fidia Macchine Grafiche  2nd hand machines

The “Combiunica” is ideal for a wide range of folding & gluing work. Quality and speed of production are assured by several key factors. The complete “Combiunica line” has been designed for the production of simple folders, 3 flap folders, folders with gussets, presentation folders with document pockets, air ticket wallets, covers for music records, CD/DVD wallets with one or two pockets, CD/DVD and DI.GI. PACK wallets from 1 to 4 reinforced panels (on request), floppy disk covers, book covers with flaps, flexible book covers (on request), photograph wallets with double flat pockets, with gussets and Combi type (on request), courier envelopes (DHL, FedEx., etc.) with double sided tape & tear tape strip (on request), medical file envelopes, special size envelopes, etc.

With the addition of the VARUS unit®, can also produce: presentation folders with capacity, envelopes with capacity, CD/DVD wallets with capacity, capacity wallets with curved or oblique pockets, capacity folders with capacity to one side and one flat pocket to the other, etc.

We do not have any 2nd hand machines available at the moment.