Folding & gluing machine | CombiUnica Vesta

CombiUnica Vesta new machine is ideally suited for printers and print finishers who have a specific range of production, but at the same time would like to have the possibility to upgrade the configuration in the future. Of course all the options can be added to this configuration, including the VARUS unit®.

Many complementary units can be added on the CombiUnica machines in order to produce more complex jobs.

For further inquires or questions you may use the Contact Us or visit our YouTube channel. We look forward to hear from you.

Possible Jobs

We can process all sort of 2D (flat) folded and glued works, such as:

  • simple flat folders, 3 flaps folders
  • presentation folders with document pockets
  • air ticket wallets
  • covers for music records, floppy disk covers
  • CD/DVD wallets with one or two pockets
  • CD/DVD and DI.GI. PACK wallets from 1 to 4 reinforced panels
  • book covers with flaps, flexible book covers
  • photograph wallets with double flat pockets, with gussets and Kombi type
  • courier envelopes (DHL, FedEx., etc.) with double sided tape & tear tape strip
  • medical file envelopes, special size envelopes
  • double sided tape application, tear tape or silicon tape application
  • simple In-line Boxes and crash lock boxes
  • objects inserting


COMBIUNICA Mohandes | Main technical data

  • Format max: 760 x 700 mm
  • Closed minimum format: 55 x 85  mm
  • Paper weight: from 200 to 400 gr