Fidia Macchine Grafiche

Produttore di macchine piegatrici e incollatrici speciali

Fidia produce macchine da oltre 30 anni per clienti in tutto il mondo.

Solutions made with our machines


E-commerce tape application machine, for applying double sided tape, tear tape and silicone tape on large format corrugated carton.

tape application


Fidia’s latest solution for the production of e-commerce envelopes, large format envelopes, special envelopes etc.


Micro-corrugated cardboard envelopes, made easy with our Manon machine.


Special folding and gluing machine with a wide range of production capabilities such as: folding and gluing of crash lock bottom boxes, application of adhesive tapes, insertion of items, envelopes and many more…

Tape Applicators

Double Sided Tape Applicator

The “Speedy” is our precise & high speed automatic double sided tape applicator available to be mounted on Fidia and 3rd party manufacturers machines.

Silicone Tape Applicator

The Mistral silicone tape applicator is a superior product, developed to apply silicone tape on top of pressure sensitive adhesive in large productions

Tear Tape Applicator

The Speedy is designed to apply the tear tape or rippa tape on complex items such as courier envelopes, easy opening system for washing powder and many other similar products.

Shopping Bags

Luxury shopping bags made by Fidia’s patented fully automated shopping bag line.

Small Envelopes

Small format, light weight envelopes done with our Rialto envelope making machine

Big Envelopes

Large format envelopes

Crash lock bottom boxes

Folding and gluing of crash lock bottom boxes, and many more

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